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Table 4 Specific features of automated IIF commercial platforms

From: Automation in indirect immunofluorescence testing: a new step in the evolution of the autoimmunology laboratory

System Throughput (samples/hour) Components Test available Autofocus with additional fluorescent stain Specific features
Aklides 48–60 Olympus IX81 Microscope Aklides Software ANA, DNA, ANCA, LKS DAPI: di-amidino-2-phenyl-indole Titer prediction
Nova View 48–60 Olympus IX81 Microscope Nova View Software ANA DAPI: di-amidino-2-phenyl-indole Titer prediction, connection with Quanta-Lyser pipetting station and Modulab Autoimmunity middleware
Europattern 90 Europattern Microscope EuroLabOffice Software (ELO) ANA Propidium iodide Titer prediction, Magazine for automated insertion of slides (500 positions), database with 115,000 images
Zenit G-Sight 14–48 Zenit G-Sight Microscope Zenit G-Sight Software ANA None Titer prediction
Helios 150 Helmed IFA processor Nikon Microscope Helios Software ANA None Full automation
Image Navigator 90 Image Navigator Microscope Image Navigator Software ANA, ANCA, DNAAb, LKS None Connection with AFT 3000 pipetting station
Cytospot 96 Cytospot Microscope CytoSpot Software ANA None Full automation, high throughput robot (100 slides)