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Welcome to Autoimmunity Highlights' new home at BMC!

Bridging the interests of the clinic, the laboratory and specialists, Autoimmunity Highlights covers the latest research, reviews and guidelines on the diverse aspects of autoimmune diseases, their diagnosis, treatment and management.

Our internationally renowned Editorial Board, led by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Nicola Bizzaro, look forward to giving your research the high visibility desired within your community.

Featured Review: Exploring the roles of Regulatory B & T lymphocytes in multiple sclerosis

A comprehensive review examining the complex roles of Regulatory B & T lymphocytes in multiple sclerosis (MS), including their effect on pathophysiology, interactions with MS therapeutic agents and, most importantly, their relevance to clinical outcomes.


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Aims and scope

Autoimmunity Highlights publishes papers related to the diverse aspects of autoimmunity, acting as a bridge between the clinic, the laboratory and the specialists who are involved in the complex world of autoimmunity diagnosis.

The journal focuses on pathogenesis, immunology, genetics, molecular biology, diagnostic auto-antibody tests, epidemiology, pathophysiology and the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Special, but not exclusive, attention will be given to new challenges such as genetics, molecular biology, genomics and proteomics, point-of-care testing (POCT), information technology and communication (ITC) and health economics.

The journal also deals with several areas of clinical interest, such as connective tissue diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, antiphospholipid syndrome, coeliac disease, gastrointestinal autoimmune diseases, vasculitis, autoimmune thyroid diseases, autoimmune diabetes, autoimmune endocrine diseases, autoimmune liver diseases, autoimmune skin diseases, neurologic autoimmunity, POCT, EBM, ITC and health economics, new technologies.

Submissions are invited in the form of original research, brief communications, case reports and letters to the editor. Invited reviews, editorials and new techniques of innovative importance in the field of autoimmunity are also published. An international perspective on autoimmunity guidelines is also welcome.


Nicola Bizzaro

Nicola Bizzaro has been Head and Medical Director of the Laboratory of Clinical Pathology and of the Diagnostic Department at Gemona del Friuli, San Daniele and Tolmezzo Hospitals, University Hospital of Udine, Italy. Currently, he is the chairman of the Italian Society of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Study Group on Autoimmune Diseases and a member of the Italian Interdisciplinary Forum for the Research in Autoimmune Diseases.

Over the past 20 years he has focused his research efforts on the study of new autoantibodies, validation of new diagnostic technologies and harmonization/standardization of immunological tests in systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases and organ-specific autoimmune diseases.


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