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Fig. 5 | Autoimmunity Highlights

Fig. 5

From: Blocking type TSH receptor antibodies

Fig. 5

Crystal structures of TSHR—K1-70 Fab and TSHR–M22 Fab. Diagram of the TSH receptor leucine-rich repeat domain (TSHR LRD) in complex with the human monoclonal autoantibodies K1-70 and M22. TSHR is in cyan, antibody light chains are in green, and heavy chains in blue. Disulphide-bonded cysteines are shown as ball and stick, disulphide bonds are in yellow, and cysteine residues are labelled in orange. The positions of amino (N)- and carboxy (C)-termini are indicated. The complex of TSHR–K1-70 Fab is reproduced from Fig. 2 in [28], with permission of the copyright holder (Society for Endocrinology)

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