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Table 1 Main manifestations of Behçet’s disease

From: Behçet’s disease physiopathology: a contemporary review

Manifestation Prevalence (%) Time after disease onset Prognosis Comments
Oral ulcers 47–86 Favorable Appear in all patients during their clinical course
Genital ulcers 57–93 Favorable Lesions of the scrotum will leave a scar
Ocular 30–70 2–3 years Poor More frequent in males, high morbidity
Skin 38–99 Favorable Erythema nodosum more frequent in females
Joints 45–60 Favorable Non-erosive, non-deforming
Cardiovascular 7–49 3–16 years Poor More frequent in males, high morbidity and mortality
Neurological 5–10 5 years Poor More frequent in males, long-term morbidity and mortality
Gastrointestinal 3–26 Poor More frequent in Japan, ileocecal region