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Table 4 Autoantibodies to stress proteins in liver disease

From: Autoantibodies in liver disease: important clues for the diagnosis, disease activity and prognosis

Autoantibodies Molecular target Associated liver disease Clinical significance
Anti-ox-LDL ox-LDL HCV Correlation with hepatic steatosis
Anti-MDA MDA HCV, NASH Correlation with hepatic steatosis
Anti-CYP2E1 CYP2E1 Type 1 AIH, HCV, alcohol, halothane-induced hepatitis  
Anti-cardiolipin Cardiolipin Type 1 AIH, PBC, NASH, alcohol, HCV IgG4 type of anti-CYP2E1 correlation with hepatic fibrosis
Anti-SOD SOD AIH, HCV Correlation with anti-HSP65
Anti-HSP HSP65 AIH  
  HSP70 HCV Inverse correlation with disease-activity