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TableĀ 3 Tumor-associated antigens identified from patients with HCC and their functions

From: Autoantibodies in liver disease: important clues for the diagnosis, disease activity and prognosis

Intracellular component Autoantigens Biological functions
Nucleus DNA topoisomerase II DNA replication/transcription
CENP-F Mitotic function
HCC-1 mRNA splicing
Cyclin B1 Cell-cycle progression
Fibrillarin rRNA processing
NOR-90/hUBF RNA pol I transcription
B23 Ribosome maturation
Ku86 DNA doule-strand break repair
Cytoplasm p62/IMP2 Regulation of IGF-II mRNA
Koc/IMP3 Regulation of IGF-II mRNA
Golgi Processing, transporting and sorting of intracellular proteins