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Table 1 Clinical significance of autoantibodies in liver disease

From: Autoantibodies in liver disease: important clues for the diagnosis, disease activity and prognosis

Autoantibodies Molecular target Associated liver diseases Clinical significance
ANA Histone Type 1 AIH, PBC H3-predominant in type 1 AIH
Chromatin Type 1 AIH Higher IgG levels
dsDNA Type 1 AIH Diseases activity, unfavorable prognosis
Centromere PBC, type 1 AIH, HCV (rare) Complementry marker for PBC in AMA-negative case
hnRNP Type 1 AIH Specific to type 1 AIH
SMA Actin Type 1 AIH Diagnostic marker for type 1 AIH, unfavorable prognosis
Myosin HCV  
Tublin Alcohlic liver diseases  
Anti-LKM1 CYP2D6 Type 2 AIH, HCV Diagnostic marker for type 2 AIH
CYP2A6 HCV (rare)  
Anti-LKM2 CYP2C9 Tienilic acid-included hepatitis  
Anti-LKM3 UGT1A2 HDV, HCV (rare)  
Anti-LC1 Formiminotransferase cyclodeaminase Type 2 AIH, HCV Diagnostic marker for type 2 AIH
Anti-SLA/LP UGA supressor tRNA-associated protien Type 1 AIH, HCV (rare) Disease activity, relapse after drug withdrawal
pANCA Actin Type 1 AIH  
HMG Type 1 AIH  
Lactoferrin Type 1 AIH, PBC, PSC, HCV  
50 kD myeloid-specific nuclear envelope protien PSC, type 1 AIH  
Anti-ASGPR Asialoglycoprotein receptor Type 1 AIH, PBC, HBV, HCV, HDV drug-induced hepatitis Diseases activity, relapse after drug withdrawal
AMA PDC-E2 PBC, AIH (rare), HCV (rare) Diagnostic marker for PBC
BCOAD-E2, OGDC-E2 PBC Specific to PBC
tTGA Tissue transglutaminase Celiac disease Disease activity
ASCA Saccharomyces cerevisiae Type 1 AIH, PBC, PSC, celiac disease Correlation with IgA levels
Anti-GST Glutathione S-transferase Type 1 AIH Disease activity, unfavorable prognosis
Anti-CRP CRP HCV Predictive marker for concurrent mixed cryoglobulinemia