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Table 1 Further workup on presentation

From: Autoimmunity in connection with a metal implant: a case of autoimmune/autoinflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants

Test Initial results Evolution Normal range
Ferritin >2,000 >1,500 6–159 ng/mL
C reactive protein 78 80 1.0–3.0 mg/dL
Erythrosedimentation rate 30 50 <20 mm/h
Anti-nuclear antibodies 1:40 with a speckled pattern Negative
Anti-dsDNA Negative Negative
Anti-SSA/SSB (Ro/La) Negative Negative
Anti-Sm Negative Negative
Anti-RNP   Negative  
Anti-Scl70   Negative  
Rheumatoid factor Negative Negative
ACPA Negative Negative
aCL-IgG, IgM, IgA   Negative
B-2-glycoprotein IgG, IgM, IgA   Negative
C3 135 112 88–206 mg/dL
C4 16 26 13–75 mg/dL
Urinalysis Protein 3+; granular cylinders 2+ Protein 3+; granular and hyaline cylinders
Protein urine test (24 h) 2,378 3,407 0–0.15 mg/24 h