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Table 1 Milestones of indirect immunofluorescence in the history of autoantibody testing

From: Automation in indirect immunofluorescence testing: a new step in the evolution of the autoimmunology laboratory

Autoantibody Author
Antinuclear Friou [2]
Anti-thyroglobulin Nairn [3]
Anti-parietal cells Taylor [4]
Anti-intercellular substance Beutner [5]
Anti-mitochondria Walker [6]
Anti-smooth muscle Johnson [7]
Anti-adrenal cortex Irvine [8]
Anti-steroid cells Anderson [9]
Anti-reticulin Seah [10]
Anti-liver-kidney microsomes Rizzetto [11]
Anti-islet cells Bottazzo [12]
Anti-pituitary cells Bottazzo [13]
Anti-gliadin Unsworth [14]
Anti-endomysium Chorzelski [15]