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Table 1 Characteristic staining patterns in the 9 tested sera

From: Characterization for anti-cytoplasmic antibodies specificity by morphological and molecular techniques

Serum Pattern and titer (HEp-2 from differential commercial sources) Patient’s diagnosis
1 Golgi apparatus 1/640 HCV-related liver disease
2 Golgi apparatus >1/640 HCV-related liver disease
3 Endoplasmatic reticulum 1/320 Myelodysplastic syndrome
4 Endoplasmatic reticulum 1/640 HCV-related liver disease
5 Endoplasmatic reticulum 1/160 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
6 Lysosomes/endosomes >1/640 Rheumatoid arthritis
7 Lysosomes/endosomes 1/320 Rheumatoid arthritis
8 Lysosomes/endosomes 1/320 Undifferentiated polyarthritis
9 Lysosomes/endosomes1/160 Undifferentiated connective tissue disease