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Table 1 Future considerations of characteristics, functions and roles of autoantibodies that impact on their diagnostic relevance

From: Toward a new autoantibody diagnostic orthodoxy: understanding the bad, good and indifferent

• Role of autoantibodies in personalized medicine
• The host bearing the autoantibody
• The “trigger” that initiated the autoantibody response
• Autoantibody efficacy: a function of specificity, amount, isotype, host genetics/epigenetics
• Autoantibody isotypes and subclasses
• Reconsider the concept of “prozone”
• Autoantibody binding complement and/or other proteins
• Re-evaluate the potential importance of the autoantibody Fc
• Peptoid technology: define novel and disease relevant autoantigens and use them in diagnostics
• Sort the “wheat from the chaff”