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Table 1 Nomenclature of HEp-2 cell staining patterns

From: Missing links in high quality diagnostics of inflammatory systemic rheumatic diseases

Membranous nuclear patterns
 Smooth membranous nuclear
 Punctate membranous nuclear
Nucleoplasmic patterns
 Homogeneous nucloplasmic
 Large speckled nucleoplasmic
 Coarse speckled nucleoplasmic
 Fine speckled nucleoplasmic
 Fine grainy Scl-70 like nucleoplasmic
 Pleomorphic speckled (anti-PCNA)
 Multiple nuclear dots
 Coiled bodies (few nuclear dots)
Nucleolar patterns
 Homogeneous nucleolar
 Punctate nucleolar
 Clumpy nucleolar
Spindle apparatus patterns
 Centriole (centrosome)
 Spindle pole (NuMa/MSA-1)
 Spindle fiber
 Midbody (MSA-2)
Cytoplasmic patterns
 Diffuse cytoplasmic
 Fine speckled cytoplasmic
 Contact proteins