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Fig. 1 | Autoimmunity Highlights

Fig. 1

From: Missing links in high quality diagnostics of inflammatory systemic rheumatic diseases

Fig. 1

Algorithm proposed for ordering screen tests and specific autoantibodies in some classical inflammatory systemic rheumatic diseases. A proposal of the EASI steering group. a Ideally should include SSc panel testing anti-RNA polymerase I and III, anti-U3RNP, and anti-Th/To antibodies. b Ideally should include PM/DM panel testing for anti-aminoacyl synthetase tRNA, anti-SRP, anti-Mi-2, anti-PM/Scl, and anti-Ku antibodies. c Must also include lupus anti-coagulant. APS anti-phospholipid syndrome, CTD connective tissue disease, MCTD mixed connective tissue disease, PM/DM polymyositis-dermatomyositis, SjS Sjögren’s syndrome, SVV systemic small vessel vasculitis, SLE systemic lupus erythematosus, SSc systemic sclerosis

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