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Fig. 7 | Autoimmunity Highlights

Fig. 7

From: Blocking type TSH receptor antibodies

Fig. 7

Immunohistochemical staining of normal human thyroid sections. a Biotinylated M22 IgG (1.25 μg/mL) ×40 magnification. b Biotinylated M22 IgG (2.5 μg/mL) ×100 magnification. c Biotinylated K1-70 IgG (1.34 μg/mL) ×40 magnification. d Biotinylated K1-70 IgG (1.34 μg/mL) ×100 magnification. e Biotinylated 2G4 IgG (human MAb to thyroid peroxidase) (1.25 μg/mL) ×40 magnification. f Biotinylated isotype control IgG (1.25 μg/mL) ×40 magnification. Reproduced with permission from copyright holder RSR Ltd

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