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Fig. 1 | Autoimmunity Highlights

Fig. 1

From: Blocking type TSH receptor antibodies

Fig. 1

a Inhibition of TSH-biotin binding to TSHR coated ELISA plate wells by different concentrations (mean ± SD; n = 3) of K1-70 IgG (filled diamond), MAb-B2 IgG (filled triangle), 5C9 IgG (filled square) and negative control 5B3 IgG (times symbol; human MAb to GAD65; [76]). b Inhibition of porcine TSH (3 ng/mL)-mediated stimulation of cyclic AMP production by TSHR monoclonal antibodies with antagonist activity. MAb-B2 IgG (filled triangle), K1-70 IgG (filled diamond), 5C9 IgG (filled square)

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